Prep Work

MW Website Design will prepare the template and set up your web pages with the information for the webpage, including images, to be prepared by you, or a representative from your business. MW Website Design will help guide you in your decisions regarding what pages would be appropriate while acknowledging that you know your business best.

Pretend for a moment that you are the potential customer and/or ask some of your favorite customers, what would you would want to see on the website?

For comparison, look at websites of businesses similar to yours; what type of pages do they have, what type of information do they offer?

Please send the webpage content in a Word document via email.  Photos can be put on a disk or shared on a google drive with me, whichever you prefer.

Below are some common web pages to think about for your website:

  • Welcome/Home
    A page that you visit when you type in your website address (URL).  It should  be welcoming, with pictures and keywords (words so search engines can find you).
  • About Us
    A few paragraphs about you, with a picture.  
  • Contact Us
    A form that visitors can send to you if they have questions or comments.
  • Directions
    An embedded google map is common with a directions page, and instructions about how to find you.
  • Services/Products
    Details about your products or services, with pictures and descriptions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Answers to questions people often call and ask you about such as hours of operation, expected shipping delivery time, etc.
  • Photo Gallery
    Page to showcase pictures of your products, staff and/or property.
  • Testimonials
    Web page with testimonials from your clients.  
  • E-Commerce/Shipping
    Page with your shipping rates, e-commerce information and policies.
  • Privacy Statement
    Place for visitors to read your privacy statement.  Here is a sample privacy statement from the BBB.
  • Links
    This page has links to other websites, that are helpful for your website visitors.
  • Blog
    A blog is an online journal that you create for your visitors, with helpful tips, links, and more.
  • Calendar of Events
    A web page with your posted events
  • Company History
    Web page featuring the history of your business.